Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Day in the Life of a Three Month Old

Happy 3-month birthday Bryson! It is hard to believe that he is already three months old, and Brian and I actually survived those three months. Bryson is getting so big. He loves his bottles, sucking on his fist, and his newest trick of rolling from his back to his stomach. Which he does every evening right after I put him to sleep. So much for babies needing to sleep on their backs. He is quick to give you a smile and if you are lucky a giggle. Dare I say I think that he is ready to sleep through the night. We have had several successful all night stretches and hopefully that continues. He is finally sleeping in his room in his crib and seems to enjoy it quite a bit. Well I have included a few pics below to show you the exciting days in the life of a three month old.

Well we must start each day with hearty breakfast. I enjoy my bottle roughly every three hours so I won't bore you with pictures of each time.

Then of course it is time to read my book and play a little.

I also like hanging out in my swing.

I also like to help Mom in the kitchen. We were making dinner for some friends that had a new baby too!
I really enjoy watching big kids. Here I am with Jackson. Before I hit the hay I have to make sure I have a relaxing bath. I never forget my rubber ducky!
Getting all ready for bed. Don't you love my towel!Playing a bit before bed. I am really interested in the TV.
Off to sleep. Now days it doesn't take long before I roll onto my tummy. I really sleep better that way.

As you can see the life of a three month old is REALLY exciting. Mommy and Daddy are loving every minute we get to spend with Bryson!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Visiting Gran and Grandad

Uncle Braxton and Stacey came to visit so we headed down to Gran and Grandad's for a visit. It was a great opportunity to take some fun family pictures!
Mommy, Daddy, and Bryson

Grandad, Gran, and Bryson. Bryson wasn't too interested in having his picture taken.

Stacey and Braxton

Stacey and Braxton had fun playing with Bryson and seeing his great smiles!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Hanging out with Daddy!

Brian has been traveling quite a bit so he and Bryson spent some quality time together this morning watching Horsepower TV.

Well actually Daddy was watching Horsepower TV but Bryson was more interested in chewing on his burp towel!

Bryson and I bought Brian tickets to the drag races at Texas Motorplex in Ennis as a Father's Day present. So he and Uncle Brandon headed out for a day of "more power." Brian had a great time watching all the powerful dragsters race. He called me at one point just so I could "hear the power!" Happy Father's Day honey! I am glad that you enjoyed the races.
Look at the dragsters!

See the smoke!! Look at the POWER!!
Another car, going fast, making smoke, and polluting our world. Can't you tell how excited I would have been had I gone?
Brian decided he needs one of these motorized coolers for next Father's Day. Since they cost about $400 he will have to dream about them forever!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Rolling Over

Bryson is SO close to rolling from his back to his stomach. Tonight when I put him in his crib he was arching his back and pushing with his legs. He almost got completely over but his arm got in the way and then he sacked out. I can't believe he is doing this already!

Stroller Skating

Today we met our friends Terri and Maggie at the Thunderbird Rollerink in Plano for Stroller Skating. They have it every Thursday from 9-12. You can skate and push your little one in the stroller. It was such fun. Bryson really enjoyed watching all the kids and listening to the music.

I've got my teddy bear and I am ready to go!

Here I am with Maggie.

Mommy and I. I think she got a good workout from skating and gabbing with her friend.

I had such a good time I crashed the minute I got in the car.

Monday, June 18, 2007

I am DEFINITELY Mommy's baby!

Just hanging out together. Look at that hair. There is no question that this is my child!

Mommy had a little fun with me after my bath and gave me a mohawk.
I am not really sure how I feel about that.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Bryson's First Trip to Lubbock

This weekend we traveled to Lubbock for a visit with Nana and Memaw. It was Bryson's first visit to Lubbock. He did very well on the long trip out there and slept most of the way. Nana's friends threw a baby shower for Bryson and Mommy. It was fun to show off our precious baby boy to all the excited ladies. See highlights of the trip below.

Nana, Shaun, and I. Nana is kinda crazy. She loves the color purple so she dyed her hair that color.

Playing in the grass.

Playing with Shaun.

The baby shower was such fun! Thanks to everyone who came and brought me fun new stuff. They even put my picture on the cake. I feel so famous.

I definitely was the center of attention at the party. All the ladies gathered around to get a look at me.

Here I am with Nana and Kathy. I got so sleepy and decided I needed to nap on Kathy's shoulder.

Krysten, Becca, and I

Aunt Karen and I are showing off my new hat.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Gran and Granny Dean Came to Visit

Gran and Granny Dean came to visit me today. Boy did we have fun playing. I made sure I gave them lots of fun smiles and they gave me lots of good kisses.

Playing with Gran. Can you see where I slimed her shoulder?

Putting up my dukes for her. I want her to see how strong I am.

Why is that crazy woman making all those funny sounds? Does she want me to smile?

Okay I will give her a big smile. I know that will make her happy!

I am so lucky to have such wonderful grandparents. Thought I would show you some pics with Grandad and Nana too.

Grandad and I love to hang out together!

Napping on Nana!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Walking in the Park

Mommy is trying to lose those pregancy pounds I left her when I finally arrived so we are starting to walk with friends in the park. I personally think they do more gabbing than walking.

Ellen and Karen


Well Mommy really wanted a picture of us on the playground stuff but I had had enough. I was ready to eat and sleep so I let her know it.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Bryson Rolled Over

I have recently ventured out and am allowing Bryson to nap in his crib. I haven't been able to let go of him sleeping in our room at night yet. So the past couple of weeks he has been taking naps in the crib. He really loves to sleep on his tummy and so he usually naps that way. I know, I know you aren't supposed to let them sleep on their tummies, but boy does he sleep better. Anyway I digress. Last week I went to check on him because he was fussing and before my eyes he rolled from his tummy to his back. Now I just assumed that he was far too young for that, and it was a fluky incident. Well a few minutes into his nap today I heard him fussing again and low and behold the little stinker had rolled over again. And boy was he mad. I think he was ramming his head into the bars of the crib.

So what did Mommy do? Instead of comforting her child she instantly ran to get the camera and capture the scene for all to see.

What did I do next you might ask? I rolled Bryson back to his stomach and ran to get the video camera in hopes that I could capture him rolling over again in a live action shot. But of course, Bryson was not cooperating. Maybe I will have better luck next time.