Wednesday, November 5, 2008

George, My New Best Friend

Last week while hanging out at Kohl's (one of my favorite stores) I ran across a Curious George stuffed animal. It was only five bucks and kept Bryson totally happy while I shopped, so he came home with us. I could never know how loved he would become. He now has been drug all over the house (and to the sitter on occasion) by Bryson. This morning Bryson had to have breakfast with him. George even got to eat some apples. Yum yum!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

I Know I Have Been Bad!

Okay everyone! I am so sorry I have been such a blog slacker. So check out below for some Bryson updates. I promise to be better in the future. I do have a rather extensive list of excuses for my lack of blogging.

1. Brian has been holding the pictures hostage on his computer. He is always "messing with" his computer and now I don't have access to the pictures from my laptop as I once did.

2. You might ask, "Amber, why don't you just use Brian's computer?" Well because he is ALWAYS on it unless he is asleep and then I am asleep too.

3. You might also ask, "Why don't you just use the pictures off the camera card before he puts them on the computer?" Well because he is ALWAYS blogging and he seems to beat me to the pictures. Then he DELETES them off the camera card.

4. I know that it sounds like I am totally blaming Brian (of course much of it is his fault), so I will leave you with one final reason for my lack of blogging. Pure LAZINESS.

So to all of you faithful blog readers out there. I promise to be better with keeping up with the entries. Don't give up on me. Keep reading and commenting! Enjoy the updates below!

Trick or Treat

Our obligatory pumpkin pictures. Not as cute as last year. Bryson was way more into exploring the pumpkins instead of posing for the camera.

Halloween was great fun. Bryson had a whole entourage for the event. Nana, Gran, Grandad, Mommy, and his trick or treat teacher, Shaun, were all there for the fun!

Shaun as Iron Man!

Bryson as a lion! He wasn't into wearing the oh so cute head piece.

He actually walked to some of the houses. Isn't the tail cute!

Checking out the loot! Luckily he hasn't discovered that he can eat the candy. He only wants to play with it right now!

Today's fun! Walking around in Daddy's shoes, wearing my bling, and carrying my candy. He fell over more than one, picked up the goodies, and kept on going!

Catching Up!

Just posting some recent pictures since I have been so bad about blogging. See above post for excuses.

Bryson is swinging like a big guy now!

Even though he will always be a Red Raider, we showed off our Bearkat wear in honor of Cousin Brennan!

Riding the zebra at Gran's! Don't you love the shades!

The Alliance Air Show. Bryson loved the ma's. That would be plane in Bryson speak.

Teresa is the Best

Bryson has been going to a new sitter, Teresa, this school year. And he LOVES her. Doesn't faze him a bit to be dropped off each day. I always have to ask for kisses and hugs because he is already involved in something more fun than saying goodbye to mom. She is wonderful. She has been doing so much with him. They have been working on letters, shapes, colors, and many many new words. At last count he can identify 20 letters, 10-12 shapes (including pentagon and hexagon) and is working on colors and numbers. Thanks to her he has also become an avid lover of books or "boots" as he calls them. We love you Teresa!

This video was from awhile back but still fun to watch!