Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving Fun!

We had a great Thanksgiving. We spent Thanksgiving Day at my grandmother's in Hamilton and then traveled to Lubbock for the weekend. Just a few pics from our travels. Keep scrolling down for even more videos from our travels.

More New Shoes to Try!

More Fun with Uncle Braxton

Great Fun with Shaun

I decided we should do our Christmas photo on campus at Tech while we were in Lubbock. Bryson however thought otherwise and only wanted to push the stroller around. When we tried to get a picture he threw a HUGE fit. I think the terrible twos have arrived. Here are a couple of the good picutures. Notice there isn't one of the whole family.

The Christmas Photo Outakes

Playing with the train Daddy had as a kid. Daddy's Uncle Ronnie made it for him!

Bryson is Rockin'

Bryson learned that he can rock a chair on his own. It takes his whole body movement but he can make that chair go. He wanted everyone to rock too! You can hear my mom in the background telling him to be careful. Too funny!

I LOVE the Wii!

While we were at my grandmother's over Thanksgiving, my cousin brought her Wii. It was definitely a source of extreme enjoyment for Bryson! He loved watching everyone bowl. He screamed and giggled with pure joy every time!