Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I Can Hold My Bottle!

Bryson has reached a monumental achievement. He can hold his own bottle!


Bryson and I went to see Santa today. It was nice because we were the only people there and were able to walk right up. I put Bryson on Santa's lap. Jumped back to get a quick picture and then the crying commenced. Bryson turned around, looked at Santa, and it was instant scrunched up face and screaming. I was able to calm him down and get another picture before the whole thing started again. You can definitely see the look of uncertainty on his face! It however was a great memory!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Poop in the Bathtub

Okay I had a totally gross Mommy moment tonight. As I was giving Bryson a bath he was playing and I saw something strange floating in the tub. I naturally thought, "What is that? Where did that come from?" and reached to take it out of the tub only to realize that it was POOP! I screamed for Brian and dragged a very unhappy Bryson out of the tub. Bryson really didn't care that there was poop floating in the tub but just that he didn't get to play as long as he would have like. Brian of course asked after I cleaned and disinfected the tub if I got pictures of the event. Of course I didn't because I was so freaked out. You all however are probably grateful that I didn't race for the camera for this event!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Happy Holidays from Bryson

Daddy on Duty

Daddy was on Bryson duty the other morning while I got to sleep in a bit. When I woke up I noticed it was rather quiet in the house. I discovered Bryson and Brian on the front porch. Bryson was sitting on the sidewalk in his pj's having a great time playing with snails, leaves, and the flower beds. Don't think the grass stains will ever come out of those pj's!

Bryson On the Move!

Well Bryson is ALL over the place. He is crawling and cruising like a mad man. And the last few days he has started walking while just holding onto one hand. Ooooo it is about to get interesting! Enjoy the pictures of the adventures of Bryson!

Hanging out in the bathtub. He was very interested in this baby doll.

Nothing is safe anymore!

Sweet smiles!

I went in Bryson's room the other night to check on him and found his legs hanging out the bars of the crib. Too funny. He barely moved when I re-situated him. Boy is he tired at the end of the day!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Socks...Mmmm Tasty!

Bryson had such fun the other night chewing on all the clean and neatly folded socks in the laundry basket. The best part was when he had one pair hanging out of his mouth while trying to pick up as many more pairs as he could hold.

Five Years Together

Brian and I celebrated five years together on November 23. Bryson spent some quality time with Gran and Grandad while Brian and I headed for a night away in Salado. We ate a wonderful dinner and The Range. It was blissful to eat a whole dinner without picking toys off the floor or feeding Bryson more puffs. (As much as I love all that!) We stayed at a wonderful B & B called The Rose Mansion. I tortured Brian with some shopping. We did stop at the Texas Ranger Museum in Waco on the way home and Brian got his man fix looking at all the guns.


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Brian, Bryson, and I traveled down to my grandmother's for a visit with her, my family, aunts, uncles, and cousins. And of course you can guess who was the center of attention. We all had such fun watching Bryson!
Hanging out with Granny!

Exploring everything!

Playing with Daddy!

See my teeth!

Hanging upside down with Granddad!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tupperware and Plastic Spoons-A Recipe for Entertainment!

Needing to get the kitchen cleaned up, I whipped out the tupperware and plastic spoons for Bryson to play with. He has brand new toys but this kept him busy for at least a half hour. A side note: We started out with wooden spoons but once he started chewing on them I feared we would have splinters in a very inconvenient place.

"What tune would you like to hear next Mom?"

"Aren't I cute!"

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Busy Weekend

We had a super busy weekend! Nana was in town to visit. She was a great grandma and watched Bryson while Brian and I head to Waco for the Texas Tech/Baylor game. It was a great game and we stomped all over Baylor. We also went to Cousin John Marshall's baptism as well as did family pictures with all the Gallimores. We all wore our Texas Tech gear. Can't wait to post the pictures when we get them back!
Go Red Raiders!

Our college friends, Jason and Shana! It was great hanging with them at the game!
Playing with John Marshall!


I know I am a bit late getting these Halloween pics up. We had a great Halloween. Bryson pretty much hated his costume but once we were cruising around the block he seemed happier and was sound asleep by the time we got home. It was such fun taking our little dragon around on Halloween!
Our first step at actually wearing the costume! The feet only!


All tuckered out!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Comet and Bryson

Comet and Bryson are becoming fast friends. Comet is very patient with Bryson and really enjoys giving Bryson kisses. Dasher on the other hand just steers clear of Bryson.

Seven Months

I know I am a little late on the seven month post but life just seems CRAZY all the time. So here we go. I tried very hard to get a cute seven month picture, but since Bryson is now in constant motion and I have an old slow digital camera I seem to get some interesting, blurry dare you say action shots. I did finally get a couple of cute shots. Bryson now can crawl, pull up, sit up well, and cruise around things slowly. He is eating tons of baby food and growing like a weed. He has two teeth on bottom and four coming in on top. Before you know it he will have a mouth full! He is talking up a storm in his own baby language. Enjoy the pics.

One of my famous action shots!

See my teeth!

Playing in the Park

We made a visit to Celebration Park so Bryson could swing in a baby friendly swing. Boy did he have fun!

Eating Turkey for the First Time!

I bought some turkey baby food to try with Bryson. I thought how bad could it be. Well judging from the look on Bryson's face and the gagging noises he was making, it must have been pretty bad. You might ask "Did I have the camera ready to catch these shots?" No I didn't. We ran for the camera and feed him more turkey to get the reaction on film. I know we are terrible parents.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Bryson is Officially Crawling

Well Bryson is finally officially crawling on all fours! Yeah!! He has been doing the scooting thing for so long I really thought he wouldn't actually crawl but he has started that tonight. I am sure we will have video to show later!

Uncle Braxton Came to Visit

Uncle Braxton and Stacy came to visit last weekend. Bryson has such fun playing with them!
Hanging with Stacy!

Posing with Braxton!

What a big nose you have Uncle Braxton!

Boy does Bryson love playing with the rug by the back door!
Climbing already! Oh geez! What are we going to do?

Peek-a-boo! I see you!

Happy Early Birthday Daddy! Bryson enjoyed eating his party hat later.

Uncle Braxton and Stacy wanted to see Bryson in his Halloween costume. He really wasn't too happy about that as you can see.

Since Bryson didn't want to wear his costume, Uncle Braxton decided to try it on!