Monday, June 30, 2008

Tree Trimming

Brian set out to work on the shed on Sunday and ended up trimming our trees. Somehow I got involved when he asked for my advice on how much to cut. Needless to say I ended doing more work than I intended for a Sunday afternoon. And I ended up in the tree doing the cutting. This is something how the conversation went that resulted in me being in the tree.

Brian: Amber hold the ladder while I climb the tree.
Amber: Okay. How much will you give me to hold it really well? Tee Hee

(At this point Brian attempts to move into the tree from the ladder. He had to hike his leg up pretty good to make the first branch.)

Brian: Ooooo! Owww! (Brian begins climbing down the ladder)
Amber: What's wrong?
Brian: I need to stretch first. (Brian begins some serious leg stretches.)
Amber: (laughing) I bet I can climb into the tree without stretching. I have been working out. Remember.
Brian: Go ahead and try
Amber: Okay I will. (Amber then shimmies up the tree. No stretching needed.)

I guess Brian got his way. He got me to do the work and he was able to stand on the ground and "manage." And he calls me the bossy one.

Busy Day at the Mall

Bryson and I headed out to the mall the other day to find some new duds for my cousin's wedding. Shopping trip was unsuccessful, but Bryson had fun playing in the play area. So much so that he crashed in the stroller while I was tooling around the shoe department.

Mommy's Shoes

Bryson has been very intrigued with my shoes lately. He can often be found pulling numerous pairs off the shelves in my closet. But he has his most fun trying to walk in my flip flops around the house.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lazy Days of Summer

Bryson and I are certainly enjoying our lazy summer days. Just a few pictures of what we have been doing.

Brian's mom bought us baby dolls for Christmas before Bryson was born. Bryson now loves playing with them. He will give them big hugs and makes them clap their hands.

Bryson and I having been taking a stroller fitness class. It is giving me some exercise, and Bryson loves seeing the other kids and being outside. I am however extremely out of shape so I have been very sore and can be seen sucking wind during our "power walk" time.

My friend, Karen, and her girls, Emily and Ellen are in the class too.

Our first trip swimming. Karen has a pool so we headed over for a little swim. Bryson hadn't done the pool yet. He was a little skiddish at first but was soon standing on the step and splashing in the water.

He didn't like it when Mommy got out of the pool to take the pictures.

My father wears a magnetic bracelet to help with his arthritis. Bryson LOVES playing with it and wearing it. So I got out some of my old jewerly that I don't wear anymore. Boy did he loves putting it on and off. Don't you just love that grin!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Summer Has Arrived!!

School is finally out. I really thought it would NEVER get here. Having to go to school after Memorial Day was almost unbearable. But I have made it and now I am finally able to spend some much anticipated time with my two sweeties, Bryson and Brian. Of course we began the summer with both of the babies being sick. I think Brian was the biggest baby of all. Tee Hee Here are some random pictures from the last few weeks. Hopefully I can be better with posting now that things have calmed down.
I love my Texas Tech Chair!

Loving on Daddy!

Taking a rest. Playing is such hard work!


I love to look at books. Mommy just wishes I would sit still long enough for her to read the book to me.