Monday, January 28, 2008

Bryson - Future Engineer

I thought it was very funny that tonight (and many other nights) Bryson spent much of his bath playtime examining the faucet and shower controls in detail. Abandoning all the "fun" play toys. It seems that he may take after his father. I can't wait until he starts taking home appliances apart to see how they work.

The Abandoned Toys

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ten Months!

Bryson is ten months old today and as I mentioned in the previous post he is EVERYWHERE! It was finally warm again (sorta) so Bryson, Shaun, and I made a trip to the park. Bryson really enjoyed playing in the grass. He was so mesmerized with it he would barely even look at me for a picture!

Bath Tub Fun

Bryson loves taking baths. Even when he is fussy at night I can plop him in the tub and he is happy!

Some Pictures of Bryson

We have had a very busy January so I have been bad about posting pictures. Bryson is walking ALL over the place so we now spend most of our time chasing him. Bryson had a bad cold during January which turned into his first ear infection. Of course it happened the weekend Brian was camping so Mommy and Bryson had a VERY long night until I could get him to the doctor. He had a couple of doses of antibiotics and was as good as new. He is so excited that he is now mobile and is into everything. He loves walking circles around the house with a toy in each hand. He is also beginning to bond with Comet more! He loves the fact he can walk over to Comet and pounce on him. Comet is pretty good for about 10 seconds before he retreats to safer surroundings!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Feeding Mommy

As I was snacking on a tortilla the other evening, Bryson discovered when he took it away from me that he could feed me. It was so cute I had to re-create it for Brian when he came home. Enjoy!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

We have a WALKER!

Our house will never be the same again. Bryson is walking! He took is first steps the day after Christmas. It was one day before he turned nine months. This weekend he started actually walking five to tens steps before getting so excited that he plops down.

Christmas Part One

We had a very busy holiday week. We started off with a trip to Lubbock to visit Nana and Memaw.
I had so much fun with the wrapping paper!

All of Shaun's goodies!

Nana got me this really cool train. I love to push all the buttons and walk it all over the house!

Sitting on top of all the presents. That big box is Daddy's new subwoofer! It is REALLY loud!

All the new toys but a cardboard box is still so much fun!

Christmas Part Two

We spent Christmas Day with Gran and Grandad. Bryson had tons of fun playing with all the family!

Full of mischief!
This rocking chair belonged to Mommy and Uncle Braxton when they were kids. I had so much fun playing with it!

Gran and Grandad gave me this very cool doggie that barks and walks. Mommy got one almost just like it for her first Christmas. It was a very special present!
Here I am with my Santa bag full of goodies!

Hanging with Daddy! He really had fun opening all my presents!

I got this cool toy that shoots balls into the air. Very fun for me and all the adults who had to chase the balls!

Stacey and Braxton

One of my many Christmas outfits!