Friday, May 23, 2008

My New Job

I am going to have a new job next year! I am bidding farewell to third grade after 10 years. I can't believe it has been that long. I am going to be the SSI teacher at our school. This means I will be coordinating small remedial groups of students who are at risk of failing TAKS, working with teachers, and coordinating tutors. And much much more too. Luckily the teacher who currently is in this role will be taking a new position that will keep her on campus, and she will continue to work closely with me. I am so lucky that she will be around to be a guide. I am very excited about this new job. Not only will it be a change of pace, but it will allow me to take on some new challenges that could help me as a principal later on. Now I just have to clean 10 years of stuff out of my classroom. Oh MY!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Nanny Crises

We have had a nanny crises this week. Our nanny, Lulu, that we share with my good friend Angie has quit. She called Sunday night at 9:00 to say that she was sick and couldn't come to work. We have explained several times that she has to give us notice so we can prepare for a sub. Needless to say we weren't very happy and let her know that. She said she would come to work on Tuesday. But after numerous unreturned phone calls on Monday night it was apparent that she might not be showing up. Sure enough come Tuesday, no Lulu. My sweet, wonderful mother was able to come and watch both boys on Wednesday. So is order to get through these last two weeks of school we had to put Bryson in daycare. I am not very happy about this but it is only for nine more days. Right? I keep having to remind myself of that. So if anyone out their knows a good home based child care, send the info my way!

Our Little Linus

Bryson has developed a deep fondness for his blanket. I try to restrict its use to sleep time only but he will often pull it out of the crib and carry it around the house. On top of that he also loves this little piano someone gave us. Thus we now have a Linus.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Want to Eat a Stick Comet?


Some Random Bryson Pictures

Helping Daddy put together his new shelf.

Playing on the deck.

All Smiles!

Friday, May 2, 2008


After five ear infections since January and fluid in his ears that just wouldn't clear up, Bryson had tubes put in his ears this morning. He did great! He was mad as mad could be coming out of the anesthesia, but recovered nicely other than that. He had his appointment with the ear, nose, and throat specialist yesterday morning and got the tubes this morning. It all happen so fast I didn't even have that much time to fret and worry. Probably a good thing. I think I was more worried about not being able to feed him this morning. I just knew he would be a bear because he LOVES to eat. He was a champ. Didn't even seem to faze him!

In the car on the way. We were amazed how cheerful he was without any breakfast!

Waiting with Daddy!

Recovering! It was pitiful and the worst part. He just couldn't wake up and most of the time he was screaming. These pictures were taken when he was finally settling down. His blankie helped though. Don't they always do?

Completely back to normal this afternoon. Daddy let him play in the dog's water dish. His socks may never come clean again!