Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bryson Loves Emptying the Dishwasher!

It is one of his favorite things. We have just about trained him to put all the silverware in the right slots!

We're Back!

No, we haven't be traveling somewhere fun. Just back from a long vacation from the blog. Just haven't felt very motivated to blog lately. Maybe I can get caught up soon. Below are a few pics from Christmas.

Fun with Shaun at Hooter's for dinner.

Fun with the waitress at Hooter's for dinner. Bryson LOVED her! What a typical man!

My new truck!

Race cars are fun!

Elmo?? Why are you making all that noise? (Let it be noted that I thought this would be his favorite gift. He has yet to play with him at all!)

Do you remember A Christmas Story? Bryson's version!

A little black icing on a Christmas cookie goes a long way. Boy did we have colorful diapers after this treat!

Tools just like Daddy!

My computer just like Daddy!