Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I Can Hold My Bottle!

Bryson has reached a monumental achievement. He can hold his own bottle!


Bryson and I went to see Santa today. It was nice because we were the only people there and were able to walk right up. I put Bryson on Santa's lap. Jumped back to get a quick picture and then the crying commenced. Bryson turned around, looked at Santa, and it was instant scrunched up face and screaming. I was able to calm him down and get another picture before the whole thing started again. You can definitely see the look of uncertainty on his face! It however was a great memory!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Poop in the Bathtub

Okay I had a totally gross Mommy moment tonight. As I was giving Bryson a bath he was playing and I saw something strange floating in the tub. I naturally thought, "What is that? Where did that come from?" and reached to take it out of the tub only to realize that it was POOP! I screamed for Brian and dragged a very unhappy Bryson out of the tub. Bryson really didn't care that there was poop floating in the tub but just that he didn't get to play as long as he would have like. Brian of course asked after I cleaned and disinfected the tub if I got pictures of the event. Of course I didn't because I was so freaked out. You all however are probably grateful that I didn't race for the camera for this event!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Happy Holidays from Bryson

Daddy on Duty

Daddy was on Bryson duty the other morning while I got to sleep in a bit. When I woke up I noticed it was rather quiet in the house. I discovered Bryson and Brian on the front porch. Bryson was sitting on the sidewalk in his pj's having a great time playing with snails, leaves, and the flower beds. Don't think the grass stains will ever come out of those pj's!

Bryson On the Move!

Well Bryson is ALL over the place. He is crawling and cruising like a mad man. And the last few days he has started walking while just holding onto one hand. Ooooo it is about to get interesting! Enjoy the pictures of the adventures of Bryson!

Hanging out in the bathtub. He was very interested in this baby doll.

Nothing is safe anymore!

Sweet smiles!

I went in Bryson's room the other night to check on him and found his legs hanging out the bars of the crib. Too funny. He barely moved when I re-situated him. Boy is he tired at the end of the day!