Friday, September 18, 2009


Warning>>>Shameless bragging from a proud parent! BEWARE!!

When I dropped Bryson off this morning Teresa said,

"He just amazes me all the time. The other day we were practicing our letters and I held up a letter and asked what it was. Bryson hollered out "u" and then all the other kids said "u" also. Then he picked up a picture of an umbrella and said "paraguas". I asked him to repeat it and realized he was saying umbrella in Spanish."

He had remembered umbrella in Spanish from when they played Mexican Bingo several weeks before. He's a GENIUS I say!!


Nancy said...

he is going to give kindergarten and first grade teachers fits if you don't put him in private school

QuiteContrary said...

Hola! I guess the apple doesn't fall far . . .
Adios amiga!