Thursday, September 24, 2009

George Needs a Shirt Too Mommy

This morning as I was getting Bryson dressed he said, "Mommy George needs a shirt too." That would be Curious George the monkey he was talking about. So we found a shirt for George. Then he requested pants, socks, and shoes too. We compromised and George got some really stylish Cookie Monster socks. So as we were leaving I was putting Bryson's jacket on him and he said," George needs a jacket too. He will get cold." So George left for Teresa's outfitted in a tank, Cookie Monster socks, and a hoodie. Never a dull moment at the Gallimore's.

Oh yeah...Bryson also wore his oh so attractive headband that he made yesterday at Teresa's. He loves it! And looks like he is ready to be in a Jane Fonda workout video!


Brian Gallimore said...

that boy is a mess, where did you find him?

QuiteContrary said...

if you give a george a tee shirt, he will probably want some pants to go with it. Once he has some pants, . . . too cute Amber!